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The highway day of new cases in over a month. But the president is not talking about that. With 200,000 lives lost, it would be great to say the worst is behind us. All I can say is the worst is still in charge.


2 hours ago·9 min read

I’ve lived abroad and try to practice cultural sensitivity. But it’s incredible these ads bubble up past various levels of review. There seems to be a higher tolerance in Russia for this type of stuff.

Prayer. Meditation. Go for a walk. Have that five minutes to yourself because we carry a lot of weight. I’ve done meditation. I’ve had a therapist, but you have to find the right one.

Suddenly, a Burger King advertisement comes on. It features soccer players, burgers, and an offer to the women of the USA: Get pregnant by a famous soccer star! Get free whoppers…

Not enough alcoholics are educated about this

Gillian May

Sep 30·6 min read

Image: VSRao/Pixabay

Myfather died of alcoholic liver cirrhosis four years ago. It came as a surprise to all of us, even though it was clear he had a severe drinking problem for decades. It was especially surprising to me, as a former nurse and a recovering alcoholic. You would think I’d know more about liver problems and alcohol use than the average person. But the truth is, in the months before his death, I had no idea my father’s liver was struggling at all. …


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